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Rules for a Preacher’s Conduct:

  1. Be conscientious and apply yourself in the administration of the gospel and in the means of grace.  In whatever you do, do all for the glory of God.  Never partake in something that is not beneficial for His kingdom; do not waste time, for every second is precious to God.
  2. Hold dearly to your heart, the word of God and follow the path that Christ laid, with fervor and take the ordinances of God seriously.  Follow the Lord, with all your heart, soul, might, and strength.  Do not waist time with thoughtless matters.
  3. Talk less, minister much. Avoid all appearances of evil and be respectful to women.
  4. Do not pronounce judgment against someone when you do not have all the facts.  If you see something that violates scripture, then report it.  Always remember that God has forgiven you, so observe this statute carefully and do not judge others prematurely.
  5. Do not talk about someone behind their back.  If you have to talk to someone do it carefully; and respect everyone’s feelings.
  6. If you see sin, do not hesitate to rebuke it, but take care in how you express yourself to others.
  7. Avoid all divisions among the brothers and sisters of Christ.  Always remember you are not there to serve half the Church, but to serve all of it.  You are the pastor of the entire Church body and should treat each one equally.
  8. Do not allow anything sinful to enter into your life or into the Church.  Be ashamed of evil, such as are listed in the Ten Commandments and avoid all things that destroy and corrupt the mind.
  9. Time is the key to success.  Remember, one who keeps time and allows the clock to run smoothly will have a successful pastorate.  Follow and keep all the rules of the Discipline and forsake not one article of it.
  10. Be diligent in use of your time.  Remember that your occupation’s focus is on winning souls, therefore spend much of your time focused on the means of grace and witnessing to others.  Share the gospel with everyone!
  11. Remember that you are employed by God; you are not to act according to your own will, but follow His ordinances and His directions for your daily life.  Keep all rules outlined in your Discipline, as long as; they do not violate God’s Holy Word.
  12. Take heed in all your actions, do nothing that will not or can not glorify God.  Always remember for all that you do, you will be held accountable for it someday.

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