Thanksgiving Feast

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October 6, 2016 by Joseph Krohn

Psalm 136:1-17; 21-26

The Psalmist beings with 4 commands to give thanks (v.1,2,3,26) – They represent the 20121119_full_enFOUNDATION OF A GOOD THANKSGIVING FEAST

  • What does give thanks mean? What is the Psalm telling us to do?
  1. Audible expression of gratitude à You have to tell Him
  2. Show our dependency on Him:
    1. “Give thanks unto the LORD” (Yahweh – denotes personal relationship with Him; Abraham)
    2. “The God of gods” – rules over things we cannot see
    3. “Lord of lords” – God rules over all; Adoni – lit. ruler/master
    4. “God of heaven” – (used by Canaanites – chief and unrivalled One)
  3. It means to be specific “I’m thankful to God for __________.]

The Psalmist reminds us of an important TRUTH about God: “For His mercy endureth forever” (26x)

  • This repeated line helps us to stop and take notice over what God is being praised for.
  • 41x the Bible tells us that “His mercy/love endures forever” (26x in this chapter)
  • EXAMPLES: Ps 100:5 — Ps 106:1 –Ps 107:1 — 2 Chron. 7:3, 6 (Solomon’s dedication of the Temple) — 2 Chron. 20:21 (Jehoshaphat appointing singers) — Ezra 3:11 (laying foundation of the temple)
  • “Mercy” – others translated it as: love, steadfast love, lovingkindness, enduring love.

PRAISES AND THANKSGIVING TO GOD – It is to be our chief focus!

  1.  v.4 “Great wonders” – to get you think – What are some things that God did for Israel in their Egyptian years?
  2. 5-9 = thank God for His creation; the stuff right in front of us [it is sometimes the obvious things that we miss in thanking Him for].
  3. 10-22 = Be specific.  Think about God’s help throughout the years – “His mercy endures” – God’s love is so strong that He fights on your behalf.



v. 23-25 – changes from talking about Israel (3rd person) to making it personal – “us, our” (1st person)

  1. v. 23 “low estate” – saved us from our complete weakness!
  2. v. 24 “redeemed us from our enemies” – God is present in the battles that we face!
  3. v. 25 “gives food” – He meets our needs!


V.26 – PRAISE Him – Give thanks to the God of Heaven (the unrivalled One!)



WRITE: My Thanksgiving Psalm 136

“Give thanks … His love endures forever”

  • I give thanks to the Lord, for He is __________________; His love endures forever.

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