Canadian “Liberty Bell” returned home

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June 30, 2014 by Joseph Krohn


An artifact from the ship that served as a major backdrop in the negotiations that led to the birth of Canada is about to return home.  A bronze bell from the S.S. Queen Victoria is one of the few artifacts salvaged from the steamship which sank off the coast of North Carolina, two years after the vessel ferried the Fathers of Confederation to the Charlottetown Conference in 1864.

The artifact described as “Canada’s version of the Liberty Bell” will be on display in the Canadian Museum of History, Ottawa ON, to be a part of the exhibit to mark the 150th anniversary of the events leading up to Confederation in 1867.

The Queen Victoria transported John A. MacDonald, George Brown and George Etienne Cartier and other members of the Canada delegation to Charlottetown on Aug. 31, 1864 and served as their accomodations for the conference.

The bell has been in Gouldsboro Maine since 1875.  Local legends record various stories about RCMP officers landing in helicopters to try to take the bell.  Others claim the Canadian govenrment tried to steal it, by pretending to be insurance agents.  At the very least it is on loan to Canada for 15 months starting in November 2014.

For the full story read: HERE



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