The War of Words

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April 21, 2011 by Joseph Krohn

These are trying days for Her Majesty’s Dominion of Canada, involving our federal election on May 2, 2011.  The Liberals, NDP, and the Bloc forced an election call, citing that the Conservative minority government was in “contempt of parliament” which basically meant that they were not willing to practice socialist politics.

This past month has been a war of words, with the many left wing parties attacking the right wing Tories, on everything from military spending to government ethics.  The Liberals are sure one to call the kettle black, after the sponsorship scandal and many other breeches of ethics over their ten years of rule.  The Tories have been more tight-lipped than the media would like, but that just leaves less room for the liberal media to exaggerate or distort their comments.

One of the words that has been hit back and forth like a tennis ball, is “coalition.”  The Liberals, NDP, and Bloc tried to overthrow Canada’s duly elected Conservative government in 2008, which Prime Minister Harper, warns that they will try to do it again.  Mr. Ignatieff of the Liberal Party, denies that he will form a coalition government, but at the same time saying that if his party takes second place in the May 2 House of Commons vote, he would still be willing to form the government.

Current polling numbers do not place the Liberals in spitting distances of the Conservatives.

  1. The Conservatives are expected to win between 135-178 – with 147 more than likely
  2. The Liberals are expected to win between 54-101 – with 80 more than likely
  3. The New Democrats: 24-30 – 35 possible wins
  4. The Bloc: 41-52 – with 45 more than likely.

Mr. Ignatieff doesn’t have the numbers even if he combines his fortune with Jack Layton’s NDP.  He would have no choice, but to add the separatist Bloc party to his coalition government.

If Mr. Harper’s Conservatives do not win a majority on May 2, it is very probable that the opposition parties will vote down the Speech from the Throne in order to defeat the Conservative minority government.  The Governor General will than have a choice to either have another election or ask another party to form the government.  It is likely that Mr. Ignatieff will be in second place and so he will have a chance to form the government.  He can only win the confidence of the house if the Bloc and NDP are willing to support him.  The Governor General before facing this option will probably require some assurances that this arrangement can last for at least two years.  This kind of formal agreement will mean the Liberals will have to pacify the even more liberal NDP and the separatist Quebec Bloc party.

Mr. Harper has warned Canadians of the danger of a Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition government.  Can any good come from combining two socialist parties with a separatist party bent on the destruction of our nation??  The Liberals have promised higher taxes; the NDP have promised to place additional taxes on gasoline (which is $1.37 per litre right now); and Mr. Duceppe’s Bloc party has promised a new round of referendum’s on Quebec’s separation from Canada.

Mr. Ignatieff claims that he will not form a formal coalition.  Mr. Layton said he would be willing to join one and work with any party of any stripe.  Mr. Duceppe, well… his interests lie only with his separatist agenda.

On May 2, a vote for the Conservative Party of Canada is a vote for Canada.  A vote for any of the other main parties is a vote for the destruction of the Old Dominion.

CBC: War of Words


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