Left Wing Fears Christian Involvement in Politics

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February 15, 2011 by Joseph Krohn

Christians accused of participating in politics, influencing Conservative Party

Bloc Quebecois MP Pierre Paquette complained twice last week that the federal Conservative Party is listening to fundamentalist Christian groups when it comes to making party policy and voting on pieces of legislation.  His complaint was that “Christianity” should not be allowed to affect party policy in the House of Commons and in Canada in general.

The Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, Mr. John Baird replied “As Canadians, people of faith, certainly have every right to be heard by their government…”

To this statement Mr. Paquette replied: “Does the government not find it disturbing that so many fundamentalists gravitate to the Conservative Party to stack the government and impose their religious values?”

Yes, it definitely seems that the liberal Left is concerned about the possible strengthening of Christian values in this country.  One question does come to mind for Mr. Paquette, “What does he plan to tell his largely Roman Catholic voters in Quebec… does their views count for nothing as well?”

It seems that it is not just the Liberal Party and the NDP grasping at straws, but also the Bloc.  When the left squeals in protest, that must mean the right is doing something… well… right!

*Click the link above and read the article on Lifesite News.


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