What can Sunday School do for you?

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February 28, 2010 by Joseph Krohn

  1. Knowing God: Sunday school provides a foundation based on knowing God, His Word, and being in a relationship with Him.
  2. Modeling God: Sunday school can equip you with Biblical content that needs to be a practical, living expression in order for it to impact others.
  3. Love and Respect: Families need an environment of love and respect. The Biblical truths learned in Sunday school can be applied in each home.
  4. Faith and Fellowship: Sunday school provides an opportunity for true Christian friendship to form. You will be able to interact with each other and the teacher as you study God’s Word.
  5. Identity: Sunday school can help you establish who you are in Christ, your identity.
  6. Bible Study: Sunday school is a time to study God’s Word and how it impacts our lives by providing an awe-inspiring perspective of how God has been moving throughout history. We are part of something bigger!
  7. Course Correction: Sunday School can help you grow as a Sunday School can help you grow as a but does not stop with pain of punishment. It moves toward healing and a corrected path.
  8. Responsibility: We have a responsibility to our lost loved ones. By studying God’s Word in Sunday school you will be equipped to answer questions they may ask.
  9. Preparing for Worship: By attending Sunday school you will be diving into God’s Word. You will be focused on God.  When the morning service starts your heart will already be tuned to worship. You will be prepared to lift our Lord on high!
  10. Deep Roots: Sunday school will help you grow deep roots.  By studying God’s Word you can become established in your beliefs. You will be able to stand    strong against the enemy’s attacks.

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