What’s Wrong with our Political Polls?


February 4, 2010 by Joseph Krohn

Have you ever pondered that question?  Why do some polling agencies always poll the left wing parties higher than they are?  Do some polls place the right wing higher than the should be?

The latest EKOS poll (Jan. 27) on CBC listed the Liberals at 31.9 and the Conservatives at 31.0  – therefore suggesting the rise of temporary supremacy of the Left-wing.  The New Democrats at 15.4, the Green at 10.9 and the Block-separatist party at 8.4.  Divide support between the smaller parties for the remaining 2.4%.

Interestingly enough another poll conducted by the Angus-Reid Global monitor, had a slightly different story to tell. (Jan. 29)

  • Conservatives – 33%
  • Liberals – 29%
  • New Democrats – 19%
  • Block – 10%
  • Green – 7%

Why are these polls so different?  Well, perhaps it was the people who were polled.  But why did CBC only report the poll that favoured the left?  Perhaps it is time to consider why our government and ourselves as its taxpayers are supporting a news agency that does not report the entire news.  Should CBC be shut down or privatized, what do you think?


One thought on “What’s Wrong with our Political Polls?

  1. Joseph says:

    I vote for a complete over-all of CBC, its leadership, staff, and reporting policy.

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