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January 30, 2010 by Joseph Krohn

The Prorogue Score

Compared to a few Liberal PM’s, Stephen Harper is a proroguing amateur.

Chretien 4, Harper 2.

35th Parliament Chretien 1996/2/2
36th Parliament 1999/9/18
37th Parliament 2002/9/16 and 2003/11/12 ( the last one was done to avoid the auditor general’s release of the report on Adscam)

And if you really want a lopsided score how about this one:

Trudeau 11, Harper 2.

26th Parliament Trudeau 1963/12/21,1965/4/3
27th Parliament Trudeau 1967/5/8
28th Parliament Trudeau 1969/10/22,1970/10/7,1972/2/16
29th Parliament Trudeau 1974/2/26
30th Parliament Trudeau 1976/10/12,1977/10/17,1978/10/

Now, where was all of the outrage on these 15 prorogations, and more importantly why are these numbers not front and center in the multitude of stories on the topic? 

Parliament was not prorogued until January 25th and will only last for 22 sitting days.  Whenever you hear such things as it lasting “3months” or statements implying that it is already prorogued, or that is unconstitutional, they are simply miss informed and following a pack of liberal-media based lies.

In our 143 years of existence as Canada, Parliament has been prorogued 105 times.   That is an average of about once every 1.4 years that this, very legal and constitutionally granted power, has been used.


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