Russia attempts to challenge Canadian Sovereignty


February 27, 2009 by Joseph Krohn

During President Obama’s visit to Canada, Russia decided to probe Canadian air space. The competition for the Artic region of our globe is “heating up.” Canadian fighter planes from Alberta’s Cold Air Range Bases were launched and turned them back into International waters.

It is times like these were, we as Canadians are reminded of the Liberal government’s folly in destroying our military. Now it is up to Prime Minister Harper and his government to attempt to rebuild the armed forces.

It’s more than just a continental shelf, or a patch of ice at risk. The socereignty of our country is being challenged. Our government needs to meet this challenge with more than just angry letters to the Russian Ambassador. We need to take this as a warning to increase the size of our air force and the over-all size of our military.


One thought on “Russia attempts to challenge Canadian Sovereignty

  1. Zach says:

    Now, I remember a certain friend of ours who described the Canadian Fleet as canoes equipped with bows and arrows. Have we upgraded since then? haha 🙂 I guess I can’t say much for the USA, anymore. The Chosen One is vowing to cut our military down drastically. Keep warm, Joe!

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