New Poppies… just a sticker

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November 6, 2008 by Joseph Krohn

A new addition to the Royal Canadian Legion’s poppy campaign aims to help keep the sacred symbol of remembrance on the lapels of all Canadians.  The legion introduced a sticker of the red flower, which mirrors the standard lapel pin in size and colour, for the first time in 2007.  During last year’s campaign, about 400,000 of the sticker poppies were distributed in Canada, said Steven Clark, an administrative officer with the Royal Canadian Legion’s Dominion Command. About 19.1 million conventional lapel poppies were distributed.  Interest in the new style of poppies has been growing this year, Clark said.

The sticker, which is produced by the same company that has held the contract for the velvety pins since 1996, was designed with children, the elderly and those working in health care and the food service industry in mind, Clark said.  Dominion Command had heard from several people in health care and the food industry who had indicated they would like to wear a poppy as a sign of respect in the days leading up to Remembrance Day but were unable to because of the risk the pin may fall off unnoticed, he said.  “They just couldn’t chance getting it into a food product or worse,” he said.  Clark said teachers and nursing homes also indicated young children and the elderly often struggled with the lapel pins.


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