Noah… A wedding… The Flood…


June 14, 2008 by Joseph Krohn

The United States, is both a dangerous place to live and to visit.  I learn this in my nine day tour of the southern Indiana.  There are a various things our “American Cousins” are known for and it seems tornados and flash flooding are becoming some of their primary identification markings.

Tuesday June 3, 2008– My wife and I were visiting some friends in Shelbyville, IN only to enjoy the pleasant sound of Tornado sirens.  We started to head back to her parents home, but were forced to turn around (mainly due to my wife’s screams) and head to the district headquarters for the Shelbyville Shouter.  As it turns out a Tornado went through the area of I-74, that we would have been on, if we had continued.  The tornado flipped a transport over, tore up some trees and devastated the town of Moscow, destroying the oldest covered bridge in Indiana.

Friday June 6, 2008 – I arrived in Martinsville, IN for a wedding rehearsal for the wedding of Zachary and Kristen Steinbrook.  Everything went well at the rehearsal and at the supper (but the sky began to change and rain began to fall).  We left at about 8:00 PM from the supper and head back to the motel.  Rain and hail began to fall at such a rate, that it became difficult to see (especially for Zach, with his one windshield wiper.  Thankfully, my car suffered no hail damage.

Saturday June 7, 2008 – I awoke to more rain and a power failure that lasted several days.  The former White River had become a lake and was now threatening the city of Martinsville.  We soon heard the news, that every bride longs to hear on her wedding day “Your church is surrounded by flood water, only a few of your invited guests will make it to the wedding, the caterer can’t make it to the wedding, and the groom left the wedding license at the flood out church.”  Thankfully, the First Church of the Nazarene is on high ground, and the wedding was moved to that location, with only about 60 people in attendance and sadly, no steak was present.  I barely made it out of Martinsville, as the National Guard had closed all roads going in and out of the city (I managed to sneak out ahead of one of the road blocks and made it safely home (but only after making a very significant detour.

I’m thankful for Canada.  I’ll take a good old snow storm, blizzard, etc. in place of flooding and tornados.  I like what I can shovel!


One thought on “Noah… A wedding… The Flood…

  1. Zach says:

    Oh, come now! Indiana is a great place! We have water, yes, but we also have earthquakes, fires, and people who love wal-mart way too much. 🙂 The wedding was wonderful!

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