A Visit with Sir. John

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May 20, 2008 by Joseph Krohn

This past weekend, my parents and my brother came to help my wife and I celebrate Victoria Day.  (For my American readers, this is the time of year where Canada rejoices and proclaims with great pride that we are apart of an Empire).  On Saturday we went to the home of Sir. John A. Macdonald (first Prime Minister of Canada).  He served as Canadian Prime Minister and as head of the Tories for 19 years.  He was elected as the Member of Parliament here in the City of Kingston.  His house is quite a mansion, comprising of seven floors and seven bathrooms.  One interesting tibit, that I learned this weekend was that in the 1860’s it was considered a display of imodesty for a gentleman to answer the doorbell without whereing his suit coat.  It was very exciting to see where the mastermind of Confederation, hung his hat for the night.  There was one minor flaw in his estate.  The grass was over a foot tall.  They say, that no lawn mowers are aloud on the estate and that the grass is cut with knives.



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