Conservatives drop 2 Points Behind the Liberals

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January 21, 2008 by Joseph Krohn

Dion’s Liberals edged passed Harper’s Conservatives by two points.  The Federal Tories currently have 33% popularity in the polls, with the Liberals sitting at 35%.  Jack Layton’s New Democrats are sitting at 13%, with the Blocks and the Green both sitting at 9% respectively.  The Liberal’s are debating this week as they meet in Kitchener, of when exactly to bring down the Government.  Dion, believes that he has enough support to defeat the Prime Minister in a general election.  The Conservatives gained popularity in vote rich Ontario, with a rise to 37% (just four points behind the Liberals).  Great damage was done to the Conservatives national percentages, due to a decrease in Albertan support, from 66% to 43% (a decline of 23 points – mainly owing to the  provincial Conservative Stelmach led government).

NDP Leader Jack Layton, whose party is holding a caucus retreat in Montebello, Que., said it’s up to Dion to bring down the government.   Meanwhile, Duceppe has said he expects a federal election will be called in about a month after MPs vote on the government’s plan to help the forestry and manufacturing sectors.  (Opposition MPs are upset that the billion-dollar package to help the ailing sectors is contingent on the budget being passed).



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