Canadian Frigate sunk by Friendly Fire

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May 15, 2007 by Joseph Krohn


A Canadian warship has been sunk by artillery fire.  The Canadian navy spent more than $7 million cleaning up the decommissioned HMCS Huron to ready it for its final voyage and to ensure that nothing toxic was left aboard.  It took two days to tow the engineless, weaponless hulk to a spot about 100 kilometres off the coast of Vancouver Island and then only five hours to send it two kilometres straight down to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Lt.-Cmdr. Mark MacIntyre says the Huron sank just after 1 p.m. local time as part of a joint, international naval exercise.  He says the navy and air force, as well as allies from the United States, got some very realistic training.  Originally plans were to have the warship targeted by naval gunnery, then hit by missiles and at least one submarine-launched torpedo.  But MacIntyre says that proved unnecessary since the ship was sent to the bottom by the barrage of artillery.


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