Elmwood Wesleyan Church

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May 1, 2007 by Joseph Krohn

I just got back from preaching at Elmwood Wesleyan Church.  The pastor’s name is Scott Planck.  He is sponsoring a GBS student led revival where he has different senior level ministerial students preach each night.  Tonight I preached on the Perfect Heart (1 Chronicles 16:9).  The sermon went well and afterwards Pastor Planck took us out to Big Boy to eat.  This was perhaps my first time (atleast that I remember) eating there.  The food and fellowship were excellent.  This church is an well situated in an urban area, but there is a constant migration of people (Hispanics) which makes it difficult to always keep the people coming.  The one interesting element was that a train runs right beside the church.  So atleast one time in my message I had to speak louder than the train whistle.  Thank the Lord that we can live lives completely surrendered to Him.  He is a faithful God that will never forsake us, as long as we continue to seek after Him (1 Chronicles 15:2).

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