Easter in July!

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April 9, 2007 by Joseph Krohn

A minister told of a man at a motel in North Carolina. He described him as one of the most dynamic, happy-looking individuals he ever met. The minister commented on his happiness, and he told him, “This dates from Easter, July 1st.” “Easter was never on July 1st.” the minister replied. “It runs from March into April, but I never knew of Easter on July 1st.”
“My Easter was on July 1st.” he insisted. Then he described the sinful, unhappy, depressed, mixed-up condition he had been in. On the morning of July 1st, after a night of carousing, he was tired, depressed, and thinking of taking his own life. He had the radio in his car tuned to a station that was broadcasting a religious program. The radio preacher said, as if personally to him: “I promise you that if you’ll open up your life and let Jesus Christ take charge of it, all your tiredness, depression, and unhappiness will pass away.” The man pulled his car over to the side of the road. “I don’t know what impelled me to do it,” he said, “but I said ‘Jesus Christ, here I am. Everything else has failed me. Take me over.’ “Why,” he said. “I’d been up all night. But I would never have known it. In an instant I was so free, so released, so full of energy and joy—I was a new man. I was resurrected—on July 1st!”


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