Will Canada annex Cuba?


March 30, 2007 by Joseph Krohn

High ranking sources in Havana and Ottawa have confirmed that Cuba will become the 11th province of Canada after Fidel Castro dies. The United Nations, the European Union and Buckingham Palace, still rankling from the Helms-Burton Act, have given their blessing to the deal. The secret meeting, took place in 1997 during Chretien’s era. Insiders in the Canadian Prime Minister’s office revealed that Fidel Castro and Jean Chretien met secretly in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to sign the deal.

A person close to the prime minister explains Canada’s reasons: “From the Canadian point of view it makes perfect sense. We’ve always had close ties and good relations with Cuba through development, aid and Canadians love to go there for their holidays. As a new province of Canada, Cubans will enjoy the same rights as any of our citizens – government health insurance, Federal Aid for development and a say in their own government.”

It will be win-win situation impacting both countries. Canadian tourists and snowbirds, instead of spending billions in Arizona, Florida or Hawaii will be spending it in a Canadian hot-spot. Keeping their dollars in Canada and helping both economies. The island will develop into one of our richest provinces. It will become our Hawaii.”


One thought on “Will Canada annex Cuba?

  1. Angie Davis says:

    Please excuse my hysterical laughter, dear cousin! Will the Cuban flag be flying at your wedding?

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