The US Postal Serivce always goes through, eventually…

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February 5, 2007 by Joseph Krohn

The Great Falls Tribune has some old mail to get through. More than 400 pieces of mail addressed to the newspaper have been delivered eight years late. The 435 pieces that were to have been delivered on Jan. 16, 1999, reached the newspaper Thursday. Included were cheques for Tribune subscriptions. “This was truly a case of the cheque was in the mail,” said Tribune publisher Jim Strauss, who accepted the mail delivered by postmaster Jeanne Downey and Jacque Stingley, a customer service representative for the U.S. Postal Service. “We are truly sorry,” Stingley said. “I’m sure people have been wondering where their mail went.” When a postal clerk was distributing mail on Jan. 16, 1999, the Tribune’s was placed in the wrong locker, one that is used rarely, Stingley said. On Thursday a customer who was assigned the locker opened it, and saw the mail. Strauss said the delay may have caused frustration for Tribune customers who were called about payment of bills. Now the cheques will be returned to customers, he said. “I credit Jacque and Jeanne for being very up front about this and personally delivering the mail to us and offering their assistance,” Strauss said.


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