The Triumphant Banner of the Cross

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January 22, 2007 by Joseph Krohn

The Battle of Tours in 732 AD, was the final stand of the united Christian armies to defend themselves and the Papacy against the Islamic horde. The Austrians had held them in the east, now it was the Franks and the Italians responsibility to hold them at Tours. Led by their king, Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer), the Franks marched south into Spain, under the banner of the Cross to fight for Christ and His Church.

The Franks drew up their army in close order. Nowhere was there a gap in their ranks. All day long, in charge after charge, the wild and expert Arab horsemen swept down headlong and furiously upon the Frankish army. Over their heads fluttered the crescent banners of Islam. It was becoming evident that the crescent was destined not to become full. Helplessly the charges of the Arab horsemen broke against the Frankish army as against a wall. The banners of the cross continued to wave defiantly. When night fell both sides retired exhausted to their camps. Heaps of dead covered the bloody field of Tours. But the most furious attacks of the Arabs had been battled. As the Franks left the battlefield they still banished their swords and the banners of the cross.

Early the next morning the Franks again drew in battle array, but no Arab horseman appeared. Fearing an ambush, the Franks sent out search parties. For miles around no enemy was seen. In the deserted Arab camp they found piles of plunder from many lands. The Arabs had retreated behind the Pyrenees, into Spain. Christianity was saved!


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