A King’s Invitation


June 19, 2006 by Joseph Krohn

Sir Leonard Wood once visited the King of France and the king was so pleased with him he was invited for dinner the next day. Sir Leonard went to the palace and the king meet him in one of the halls said “Why Sir Leonard, I did not expect to see you. How is it you are here?” “Did not your majesty invite me to dine with you?” said the astonished guest. “Yes” replied the king “but you did not answer my invitation.” Then it was Sir Leonard wood uttered one the choicest sentences of his life. He replied “A king’s invitation is never to be answered, but to be obeyed.”


2 thoughts on “A King’s Invitation

  1. Japheth says:

    Check out this code I found on the internet. Take every 47th letter and put the sentence together!
    fjksd dlak;lkf a fdkd asl;kd l;fsak jfdsl;ksd ;lk aflkf;dlsakjdl;fkd fdslkf dlkdsf dflk flkf lfkf lfkjflkfalkjdfldkf dlf flk flkjaliedlfkcvoinewfoi oci opi POCI kfdmf;lkdf dflkfmd fdpodijfdlkf dsfoifjdsoifjd d;laifj ;alkdjf f;sdlk df;flkdjf a;dsoiffncoiv i v;oiv ;aid idf f;lif dfid fsdifa;iv z;idspaejke epi eeiedsfds;fidf;d fdfidds a;dif dfi;ad fdifdfilje l;kdjfifjd fds;fisdf dfidfjdf dif dfif;sdifs;aif a;i fd;fid ;fij f

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is the fake Japeth

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